Fluid Clarification Inc. provides advanced separations technology and unequalled application engineering experience to improve plant and process performance and throughputs while minimizing operating costs.

Backed by a record of excellence in safety and performance, Fluid Clarification is the industry leader in delivering advanced separations technologies for major industrial processing facilities across Canada.

Optimizing existing filtration installations and engineering new separations systems tailored to your requirements, Fluid Clarification employs analytical capabilities and experience taken from a broad base of installations.

Fluid Clarification offers technologies for separating liquids and particulates from gas streams or from liquid streams. Each solution is tailored to fit the unique requirements that face each facility.

Whether your facility uses conventional coalescers, filterseps, amine filters, or other types of liquid or particulate filtration in gas or liquid streams, Fluid Clarification can provide the products and services you will need to optimize your facility's equipment and processes.

Industries we serve:

Fluid Clarification has partnered with Porous Media to provide leading-edge separations technology as part of its engineered solutions.