Industries - Oil Sands and Oil Refining


Is the life of your hydrotreater catalyst pressure drop limited or activity limited? Would your plant benefit from a backwash filtration system to remove fines in your slurry oil? Do your high-pressure hydrogen compressors require more than regular maintenance?

Oils Sands and refinery processes have myriad application areas. Fluid Clarification offers high-efficiency separation technologies to remove liquids and solids from gas phase flows and from liquid streams

Does your facility require blowback or backwash porous-metal filtration? Fluid Clarification offers this as well.

With its unique blend of product quality and performance, experienced Scientific and Analytical Support personnel,

and unequalled technical support, Fluid Clarification has spearheaded many installations throughout the industry.

Just a few of the many applications that benefit from high-efficiency separation are

  • Hydrotreater feedstocks
  • Removal of liquid-phase contaminants from hydrocarbon liquids
  • Water for various uses
  • Amine solvent
  • FCC flue gas
  • Compressor protection
  • Fuel gas
  • Dehydration of lubrication and hydraulic fluids

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